Sail a Yacht With Friends

£1000 off a Croatian sailing holiday this summer
Only for Bristol Uni Students.
1 week. 4-8 friends. £2500.

GoXperience a Sailing Holiday with Friends

Sail in beautiful Croatia on board our 51ft Dufour Gib-Sea. Comfortable, fast and exciting. Better than exams, and £1000 off.

GoXperience is offering £1000 off your yacht sailing holiday in September.

Based in Split we are perfectly located to head North or South opening up massive, beautiful cruising grounds.

Plus, you will have your very own skipper. Your skipper is a professional Master Mariner with years of experience working at sea,
a former Royal Marine and UK Search and Rescue volunteer within the RNLI, so you can rest assured
your safety is first and foremost.

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You can add extras, like yoga on the boat or docking in a marina for the night. Get your excitement from watersports and cave exploring. Or be lazy; it’s up to you.

  • All in costs, including Croatia’s Tourist TAX and Tourist VAT which all tourist have to pay for all activities in Croatia.
  • Flexible sailing routes to suit your needs
  • Trusted partners in extra activities.
  • You provide your food – we don’t keep Super Noodles on board
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We will always strive to find the most beautiful locations in and around the Islands of Croatia. We will head off the beaten track to stay away from the tourist traffic and make your holiday feel as special as possible. The use of the boats equipment is free of charge and can be used for mini adventures exploring the Islands

  • Paddle Board and snorkeling equipment on board.
  • Routes will be weather and traffic dependent, planned to ensure a pleasant passage.
  • You choose the feel of your holiday, relaxing, adventurous, action packed or a mixture of all.
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Whether you’re celebrating your first the end of exams or need a good send off with your mates, we can help. With professional instructors on board for your trip, experienced to deliver what you require, you can be assured that it will be money well spent. Student loan well spent, we mean.

  • Sunshine, excitement, sightseeing.
  • You can bring your mum if you like.
  • Well respected instructors in their fields.
  • We can stop at a marina for the night if you like – £150 extra per night
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Your skipper is a Master Mariner having sailed the planet on many types of boat. This not only ensures you are as safe as possible but ensures that all the little details are taken care of and the boat is maintained to a high standard.

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What are you waiting for?

Book your adventure of a life time. Call us on +44 7977 609277

Life is all bout experiences. They build your values, and your vision,
and make you who you are. They lay out the basic characteristics of your personality
as well as your physical health and appearance. So why compromise on
just a holiday when you can get more with GoXperience.

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