From the beginning, until now…… My first year in Croatia.

Part 1

A New Year, with New Ideas.

.Just before Christmas 2016, I woke up with an idea! It was an idea that took over my mind for a few days, this was me putting my business plan together. I did a bit of research, scanned my memories for all the amazing places I had been to and spent time.

Time to try a new country, with new experiences, a new culture and new challenges.

Within a few days it was also time to look at some yachts. I found a few in Croatia, interesting, as I had never been before, so a couple of days later, a week before Christmas I was booked on to a flight to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Just before leaving I literately stumbled across a Shipping Agent in Croatia called Maja Ban of MYS Yachting. We met for an evening in Zagreb and Maja became my Agent in Croatia. She was a great find and has been the biggest help to me in setting up in Croatia.

Zagreb at Christmas 2016

The hire car was just 3 euro’s a day so I had it for a week for the 400 km drive down the coast road to where the boats for sale were located.

It took me 2 days to drive the 400 km, I had to keep stopping as the views along the coast road just took my breath away.

Once in Split I looked at a few boats that were not suitable, then I found Atola, a Gib-Sea 51. It was love at first sight. 5 double cabins, all en-suite and she was in very good condition. Massive inside and the French builder had a very good reputation for building solid boats.

Gib-Sea 51 Atola

The deal was struck and I headed back home for Christmas with just the paper work to be processed. Or so I thought!

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