Sailing With My Daughter Out Here In Croatia

My daughter has just completed two years at UKSA (a youth charity that helps grow nautical excellence and opportunities) and she will be spending time with me this summer, learning about ‘big boat sailing’.

We have a good relationship with The Red Paddle Co. and because my daughter is a recently qualified watersports instructor, she will be taking our guests out to learn the art on their amazing boards. I personally sought these out, and I am very proud of them; glad my daughter is too!

Family sailing holidays for us are rare, as I share my time between Split and the UK, so it is amazing to have her out here with me. I think she must have got her love of sailing from me; I am a Master Mariner and quite an enthusiastic one to boot!

My twin boys, who are 10, tell everyone I am an adventurer, and they are not wrong. I go on adventures every day, and it is the reactions and energy from my guests that make it seem like an endless series of discoveries.

I do miss my family though, so it is exciting when my guests are a big family or group of families who are connecting and growing as a unit together on the boat. Having my daughter here is just like that for me; we are just a small part of the big family sailing holiday industry, but we love it. I hope she comes out to Croatia more.

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