First Sailing Holiday in Croatia.

After a few months of paper work and setting up the business in Croatia, and with two days to spare before my girlfriend Alison came out to join me for her first of many Croatian sailing holidays on the boat in Marina Kastela, it’s all done and I am finally able to start the charter season. I have to thank Maja and her team at MYS. Without her business skills and knowledge, the setting up of the business in Croatia would still be ongoing. Thank you Maja.

So I cleaned and provisioned the boat to within an inch of it’s life ready for her arrival.

This was to be an important week, for one I haven’t seen her for 2 months and two it was going to be our opportunity to find some beautiful spots, not only to enjoy together but to start finding the locations to take my clients to.

It was not hard. Every island takes your breath away, every bay and cove made us look at each other and smile. The water is so clear you can see the bottom in 10 meters of water and the views from on the boat and ashore are simply breath taking.

We made some new friends, Paul and Caroline who live on the Island Brac and who have run their own charter business in Croatia for the last 15 years. They had an evening on board our yacht GoX on the first night of the holiday and we were lucky enough to be invited to their amazing apartment on the last night. The view from the apartment is also stunning as was the food. Thank you guys! I love it that everywhere in the world sailors are hanging out; there are always friends to be made.

From Milna on Brac we had a short hop to the islands South of the main land and spent our first night at anchor in picture perfect surroundings. No wind, just sunshine and good times.

We sailed from Brac to the island of Vis in the morning and anchored up next to an old cold war Soviet submarine pen. It looked like new and I was tempted to head inside in the yacht and tie up as it was forecast get a little breezy that night but I instead decided to stay at anchor and test the holding of the gear. It did blow quite hard that night but I put my faith in the boat and in the end it was rewarded not only with a good nights sleep but also trust in the boat and it’s ever important anchor.

From Vis we sailed to Hvar, now this is truly beautiful, as we rounded the inlet for our chosen anchorage it opened up into a well protected body of water that had restaurants at both ends. Restaurants that you can only access from sailing into this little piece of heaven. We stayed here two days. We could just sit in the cockpit of the boat and drink in the views, along with a little wine of course. On a side note, the wine in Croatia is very VERY good and at well under £5 a bottle is simply great value.

We spent quite a bit of time ashore and discovered that Hvar is great for hill walking. With good tracks, a few hills and of course the views, Hvar is number one on the list for the GoXplore sailing trip.

We spent our days exploring Hvar and Hvar town, walking hand in hand long the tracks enjoying life. We hitch hiked into town and back, drank fine Croatian coffee and ate home cooked food on the boat. Truly living the good life.

Hvar is amazing.

The last night was spent in Milna, again with Paul and Caroline for the evening meal before setting off back to Marina Kastela early in the morning to get Alison ready for home time.

All in all it was a great week. The boat was awesome, well up to the job of showing my guests a very good time in Croatia in comfort. Alison has never sailed before and not only did she prove her self to be very capable it showed the boat is simple and effective sailed short handed.

But the most important thing is, and it proves my vision of providing life experiences on board my boat in Croatia works, that after a week together, enjoying all that was on offer in Croatia, we have fallen a little more in love with each other than when the week started. You can have a piece of this as well.


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